Which departments should be involved in creating content with aim to provide better Content SEO?

Preparing website content with SEO in mind can get you wondering which departments should be involved in creating content?

While that might not be a true concern with a very small business that operates with a handful of employees, for medium and large companies it should raise questions.

Even with relatively small businesses, when preparing content, the short answer is that all departments should be involved as each and every one of them can provide beneficial insight from their perspective on the subject and that can lead overall to better content quality.

Different departments provide different perspective for a specific content piece

We can all agree that the content you provide must be valuable to the end-user, relevant to your business niche, and it has to be provided consistently in order to provide the desired effect.

One content piece cannot be relevant to absolutely every single customer that visits your website, meaning that you will have to segment your audience based on their needs, and provide relevant content within those segments.

However, different departments within your company can provide expertise on a specific subject that can be very interesting to a segment of your audience, which provides the most efficient way of publishing content on a subject.

Looking over any modern company we can deduce that a business consist of:

  • Administrative and accounting departments – the decision making and crunching numbers
  • Marketing department – online and offline marketing strategy
  • Sales department – direct engagement with customers
  • Human Resource – staff management
  • Customer base – the customers themselves

Yes, when talking about a company we can include their target audience as an integral part of that business, because if they are non-existent then the company will also perish.

Let’s discuss how these individual departments can provide insight that can be translated into valuable information toward website content.

How can Marketing department contribute toward Content SEO

I would imagine every company worth their salt has at least a moderate Marketing department which is responsible for developing their marketing strategy. They are responsible for the creation of the company website content, and it is a part of the overall online marketing.

Being specialists in the marketing field, they can find leads and sources for content that will deliver the right kind of customers to your website, by providing ideas and creation for attractive and relevant content which is needed to keep customers interested with your site.

Which departments should be involved in creating content
which departments should be involved in creating content?

The main way for a marketing department to contribute with Content SEO is to generate substantial visibility for your site with long-form content, by publishing guides, how-to and insight articles for which they can require some support from other departments.

Sales department must be involved with content creation and influence Content SEO

Your Sales department is responsible for direct contact with customers and the overall sales process. As such they are in a unique position to provide insight about customers needs first-hand therefore they should be involved with website content creation.

Accurate targeting of the customers needs with high quality content will help your website reach high audience engagement and true organic traffic, in turn boosting your sales and profits.

What the Sales department must do is to politely entice customers to provide feedback and suggestions and then forward that information to the Marketing department for content creation.

Human resources department needs to be involved with content creation

The main role of the HR department is to manage staff and the work environment, though this does provide them with insight into staff overall capabilities, habits, hobbies, and passion about their work.

This makes HR the ones that should choose staff involved with landmark content creation as they can pinpoint those among your employees that will be most passionate about it and do the best job possible.

Administrative and accounting department and content creation

The Administrative and Accounting departments can be somewhat knowledgeable about your customers’ questions, suggestions and issues meaning they can provide contribution that can be vital in the process of creating high-quality content.

The most valuable people from these departments, for content creation, are the executives and long-standing employees which hold the most expertise and experience with important subjects, therefore they can provide suggestions for high-quality topics within your business niche.

Customer base and content creation

Last but not least, your customer base can provide amazing suggestions and ideas for content that will receive positive response and engagement from them, all you need to do is ask them.

content department

Collecting feedback from customers is important, meaning you should try to get them to open to you by asking for feedback through comments, newsletter or other means.

This information will help you understand who is your customer, and in turn you will be able to provide better content for them.


Which departments should be involved in creating content

Valuable search traffic for your website will come from substantial articles that provide meaningful and relevant content to your customers. Remember that content is the new advertising.

On a final note, more than half of your customers will be accessing your content on a mobile device, meaning you need to make sure that the structure and form of your content is such that they are displayed clearly on mobile devices.