Top 5 SEO trends for success in 2021

It is that time of the year when we can draw an underline of all of the things we were successful during the last twelve months, and start thinking ahead for SEO trends that can provide even more success for us in 2021.

Before we start discussing some practical SEO solutions, we want to remind you that with recent search engine ranking algorithm core updates they have been further improved.

Knowing this we would suggest that the best thing you can do for your SEO is to start thinking like your customer, start asking yourself what you would ask for or do if you were the customer.

Now, asking yourself the right questions and answering them is most surely the way you will reveal the important trends for your business niche.

This way of thinking will surely lead you to some amazing content that you could provide to your user base.

User and Search Query relevance trend in 2021

It may be so that you have been working on providing online content that matches user query and search engine intent of satisfying them in the best way, but again, we have to reiterate that this is the best SEO trend to follow in 2021.

Question is how valuable your content is to your customer search?

If you are able to match user queries with your content, you are bound to be among the top results.

Remember that the original intent of a search engine is to provide the perfect answer to a search query, while people want to go to an online place where they can learn about something or get useful information.

Admittedly, the search engine core updates make their algorithm smarter, so that they can better extrapolate metadata from every page on a website, meaning you should pay close attention to a search results page and you will better understand the nature of these changes.

If you want to be successful with SEO in 2021 then use this understanding to improve your own content search ranking.

Search engine optimization evolution trend in 2021

SEO trends
SEO trends

With still people working from home in 2021, and generally staying more at home, there certainly will be more traffic on websites as people will be looking for information online for education or pure entertainment.

Traditional SEO is all about driving traffic to your website, but what happens once the traffic arrives? The important question is what part of that traffic will convert into customers, or will it at all.

SEO experts note that search engines have taken their algorithms another step forward, and now it is not just their intent to take the user to the best destination, but also deliver them to a destination that will keep them entertained for longer.

The main reason why a search user will want to stay longer with a certain page is if they are provided valuable information, coupled with an appealing user experience.

Search engine optimization evolution will follow a trend in 2021 which dictates that websites with good user retention and positive user behavioural statistics will get even more traffic from them.

Some of the stats that are becoming very important are customer retention and increasing customer lifetime value (LTV).

This makes keywords valuable, but a little bit less than before, while other SEO statistics will increase their value to your overall SEO.

Core Web Vitals (CWV) and Page Experience Optimization

Two less known SEO stats that have risen in their SEO value with recent Google Core Updates are Core Web Vitals and Page Experience Optimization and as such should be focused in 2021.

What features these stats look for in your website pages are:

  • The speed and loading experience for a web page
  • User time spent until a page becomes interactive
  • Website navigation on mobile devices
  • Website-to-user connection safety while the user is browsing

Tackling any issues with these SEO stats will give your users a better experience and it certainly will influence conversion.

Admittedly, competing websites will take a bit of time to incorporate techniques that improve these stats, but from our perspective it is better done sooner than later.

We would recommend that you measure and test, albeit with online testing such as Google Page Speed and work on improving to your SEO benefit.

Mobile device SEO trends in 2021

Do you know how many of your website visitors come from mobile devices? My guess is more and more every single day, which is why in 2021 you should focus on how well your website and individual pages work with mobile devices.

It is safe to say that search engines, and again Google, will keep track of your mobile visitors’ experience (as they own the Android smartphone operating system) which is why you need to focus on mobile device UX.

If Google is thinking “mobile user first” then so must you too and how better to achieve this than with clear and simple responsive/mobile design with a touch of personalized content based on your user.

Now, if you really want to provide different experiences for desktop and mobile users, there are ways to do this by redirecting users based on the device they use, but you should know that your search ranking will be determined by the mobile/responsive website.

SEO automation trend in 2021

Looking at all of the current SEO tasks that can be automated through plugins and software, we can conclude that SEO automation will certainly be an important trend in 2021.

Talking about SEO automation we are talking about structured data generation and content quality, but we expect the overall quality increase that is significant.

Now, this does not mean that automation will be doing a better job at SEO than a SEO expert, but automation will help reach a higher SEO success level, while the human staff still makes sure the content provides high value from a user perspective.

Basically, SEO automation will increase your SEO efficiency as if you had more people working on the  job of improving site SEO performance.

Long-form content trend in 2021

There is no absolute metric on how long a specific piece of content should be, one trend indicates that in 2021 long-form content pieces will appeal more to Google guidelines.

While some examples indicate that blogs can benefit from a 2,000 word content piece, and even up to 3,000 what is certain is that you should be aiming for ~1000 words minimum and more.

Long-form content appeals to Google search quality evaluator, as we now know that about 10,000 of Google employees work on a human rating team that is performing searches and evaluating important websites with top search ranking.

The best thing about this is that once you achieve a high rating on such a piece it is really hard to get knocked out of the top spot on Google search ranking.

SEO trends – Conclusion

We may as well only scratch the surface on a deep subject of new SEO trends coming in 2021 but we are sure that these are some of the most impactful treds for 2021 and will provide the most direct benefit to your SEO success.