Online Marketing Strategy and how to improve your digital presence

The transition from newspapers and magazines to online media has us all having our marketing strategy relying largely on the online means.

We can note that both companies and individuals being your customers are spending the majority of their time online and even on-the-go through mobile devices with internet access, and if you want to be able to reach them then you will need to utilize an online marketing strategy.

What is an Online Marketing Strategy exactly?

What is an online marketing strategy is a plan developed with aim for practical marketing through online means, most commonly web-based channels which enable you to advertise your product, service, company or yourself individually.

The overall plan should include marketing through online media such as email, social media, displayed ads with renown websites, search engine optimization, content publishing, Google AdWords and more.

For it to be able to provide more success you will need to leverage which media is the best choice for your target audience, while you may and should not choose a single channel but multiple marketing channels to help you achieve your goal with online (digital) marketing.

How can you form an Online Marketing Strategy?

Your online marketing strategy should be a map of a number of activities you are planning to execute, based on your market research. While a complete guide for this topic demands another article, right now we can talk about some basics.

The strategy should be laid-out with a document, albeit a spreadsheet which will serve as a plan and time-map for consistent and thorough execution of the planned online marketing, naming dates and actions for a structured activity timeline.

For example, if you are planning to publish blog content to attract visitors, plan to update it with fresh content once a week for a prolonged period of time.

Every action or strategy should have a goal, enabling you to better adapt your digital marketing approach and conduct a successful marketing strategy. These actions are called digital marketing campaigns, the building blocks within that move you toward a specific goal.

Online marketing campaigns

As we said the Online marketing or digital marketing campaigns are actions you plan to execute to reach your target audience, and the most common online marketing campaigns are:

  • Website (blog) content publishing
  • Paid advertising
  • Content SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Free educational resources (webinars, ebooks, podcasts … etc.).

You will have to perform some testing with different campaign types to determine what works best for your audience.

During such testing make note to observe your target audience behavior, where they spend their time the most, and which campaigns are the most effective.

Website (blog) content publishing

The content publishing usually refers to different digital assets you or your company owns such as a website, social media profiles, blog content, or other media. Such owned channels are a good choice as the channel is managed by you, with full control over the content.

In some specific instances, you may include some off-site content you own that is provided by another website (guest posting) which is acceptable and usually means it goes both ways.

Paid advertising

We can all agree that paid advertising is one of the necessary means of promoting your online marketing strategy. Paid ads with social media such as Facebook or Instagram can provide direct access to the target audience, and if the target audience is pinpointed correctly the campaign will provide good results.

Google AdWords is an effective way of online marketing

To an extent, the same can be said for Google AdWords as it can be an effective means of driving traffic to your online business, targeting exactly what people are searching for, with the types of products or services your business offers.

Content SEO

The content SEO is focused on using valuable and relevant content to entice customer or client engagement and action.

We can note that it is different from website SEO, because it implies focus on specific types of high-quality content provided through the website, while this content marketing combined with SEO makes it whole,  like a body with a soul.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a means of digital marketing where you market directly to the customer or target audience, and is considered as one of the most effective channels.

Note that you will have to entice your audience to sign-up for a newsletter or you will have to obtain an email list of prospecting customers through other means.

Free educational resources

Offering free educational resources such as webinars, ebooks, podcasts … etc. will provide meaningful and relevant information to your customers while you reap the benefits of positive marketing.

While this kind of digital marketing channel can prove to be the most difficult to produce it also is one of the most effective ways, and it can provide much higher conversion rates than paid advertising.

Improve your digital marketing and your digital presence

The Online marketing strategy will be very individual to your online business which is why we cannot give you a one-size fits-all plan template. However we can provide some insightful tips to get your online marketing going forward.

If you are just starting out in the world of online marketing try to keep your marketing action plan simple ensuring that you will be able to go through with it and in turn learn more.

In this case you should start with a single marketing channel, and later add more as you feel more confident, simultaneously working on another, to advance your marketing goals.

One very valuable tip is to study your competitors and how they are utilizing different marketing channels. Well established businesses are bound to  be using channels that are already working in your business niche.

Similarly, if you are aiming to publish content or free educational resources then study the content that is doing well in your business niche, so you can work out your own valuable content topics.

In the end, be sure to remember that the purpose of the online marketing strategy is to be a clear map for your future actions and as such it needs to be communicated with your company members.


If you are enthusiastic to build an efficient online marketing strategy to help grow your business, but feeling overwhelmed and not sure of what needs to be done, then I am sure our article has been helpful.

The foundation to any successful marketing is a good plan, a strategy that works.