Goal SEO

Almost all of our clients are website owners with small to medium businesses and while some are just starting out.

A considerable part of our client base are businesses that are running 3 years or more but did not start their online presence early so now they are eager to achieve set goals and get results.

For businesses like this, the goal of SEO is not actually getting into top rankings, because this is a long-term goal and with the competition present it will take years to achieve.

What is Goal SEO?

In this particular case, the goal of our SEO solutions is to enable our clients online presence to achieve top-level online exposure and get the attention of their target audience.

Admittedly, on the Internet both the small and large companies are able to achieve top rankings on search engines, but first, for the time being we have to focus on Goal SEO to give our client enough online exposure and only later will we turn our focus on top ranking.

While you may be aiming at the top of a mountain (top rankings) you know that you will have to walk all the way from the base of it in order to get to top, meaning you need to work on your Goal SEO.

The importance of Goal SEO

We can all agree that SEO has a major potential to grow your business. The overall search engine optimization of a business online presence will open the door to a flood of traffic from search engines.

However, what a business needs is traffic from visitors that want to be there and are likely to “convert” into profit. Statistics show that traffic with visitors that do not know why they suddenly come up to your website will convert in less than 1%, while traffic from visitors that want to be there will convert with up to 10%.

What this means is that we want quality traffic because it means new leads, and in turn new product or service sales, which means new customers.

This is where Goal SEO comes into play, as it holds importance on driving quality traffic to your website primarily, while having search rankings as a secondary (long-term) achievement.

How to deploy Goal SEO?

Having in mind things previously said, we need to discuss how to make Goal SEO work for you. 

First, we have to acknowledge that search engines do still work with keywords, but on a more sophisticated level as they are now able to read your website, form long-tail keywords, and they have a much better understanding of your website.

Second, we need to mention that search engines are there for the search user primarily, meaning you need to provide content that will benefit a specific query such as meaningful answers to user questions.

Having keywords in your website is still good, but now you need to provide meaningful content that caters to these long keywords and it is relevant to your business niche.

Furthermore, you should be making positive changes to your website and existing content to help you attract new visitors.

In time, as you improve the site content, structure, and overall performance so will your website become a much larger means to capture targeted audience attention.

Keep in mind that featured snippets are a double-edged sword, as they can boost search ranking, but will lower the overall traffic of a page and in turn conversion rates and profit can go down too.

Creating that kind of content and presenting it through your website, social media and other online means is Goal SEO.


We can conclude that Goal SEO is aimed at publishing online content that will expose your website to better quality traffic and a possibility of higher profits even while you are on your way climbing to the top search rankings.

The truth is that it may be a better solution to have a SEO expert agency help you with guidance and content resources for your website, and you will reap much better results.