Dominate The Search Engines In Less Than 1 Month!

About Us

Unlike the absolute majority of generic un-specialized SEO companies who need 3-6 months to provide any potentially profitable results, we are a specialized SEO company in that it typically takes us less than 1 month to get you to the top of Google and, more importantly, increasing your business revenue.

Our magic ranking sauce relies on only 2 Google qualified sources: high real ‘Google PageRank’ backlinks from relevant blogs (click here to see find out exactly about what ‘Google PageRank’ is) and┬ásocial media signals (i.e. Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook Shares).

The most powerful ranking method, however, is ‘Google PageRank’ and because you can’t fake that authority in Google this is really what separates us from generic SEO companies who outsource the majority of their work to various linkbuilders who build links from all kinds of sources, something you may not want.

All our work is done in-house and it’s because of our powerful blog network of high real ‘Google PageRank’ blogs (PR 4 and higher) that we are able to push you quickly and safely keep you up month after month throughout all of Google’s algorithm updates (like penguin, panda, hummingbird, pigeon for the more SEO savvy of you).

Unlike a lot of generic SEO companies who essentially try to trick Google with potentially black-hat and grey-hat methods which can end up getting your site penalized (i.e. un-healthy) or even worse black-balled out of the entire search engine, since our power comes directly from actual Google PageRank blogs that give Google exactly what it wants, specified and unique content, and real social media shares, you don’t have to worry about links coming from mysterious black-hat or grey-hat areas.

However, you don’t even have to take our word for it because as long as you have a local business website that isn’t on the 1st page+ in Google for your profitable search terms and the website is healthy in Google eyes, then the 1st thing to understand is that there are people actively searching for exactly what you provide locally, and right now none of them are seeing your website at all. We can change that.

So contact us today at and allow us to quickly increase your business revenue using free targeted Google traffic!